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Pelssa: This new platform is breeding a new ecosystem

Pelssa: This new platform is breeding a new ecosystem

Pelssa. a new eCommerce company based in Lagos, Nigeria is making its way into the spotlight this June, introducing a freshly conceived marketplace solution and a great, full-feature website platform.

Pelssa sees a rise in the possession of digital assets all over the world and decides to craft a way for Africans to take advantage of it. In a world where digital assets like websites, apps, domain names, and even social media pages are worth more than physical assets, the sky is the limit for what a platform like this can do to improve our investment and entrepreneur sector.

Pelssa allows companies and individuals to sell and buy digital assets through a secure and seamless process. Entrepreneurs can buy new or existing businesses and get all the relevant documentation immediately no matter where they are located. Every transaction is carried out on the platform and users can enjoy 24/7 customer support service in case they need help.

Pelssa provides a community for programmers, online business owners, social media page owners, Youtubers, etc to make money by flipping their assets and the best part is there’s no hassle involved. Other features include portfolio management, contract creation and management, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard to manage your earnings. In the near future, expect a CRM and more app integrations.

Until now, website flipping is not common in Africa. Pelssa is changing this by building an ecosystem for digital asset flippers, this involves buying these assets and reselling them at higher prices. This will definitely reduce the unemployment rate among youths as they get to make money, network, and share ideas with others. The platform promises to free you from financial bondage, allows you to increase your portfolio and invest in existing profitable online businesses.

Pelssa’s official website is live and you can start listing your digital assets now. There are no hidden charges, listing starts at $3, which is the lowest in the industry. Sign up and start listing here.

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