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Ways To Convert Dormant Followers To Paying Customers

Ways To Convert Dormant Followers To Paying Customers

You might be searching for ways to generate sales from your social media accounts; well, you are not alone.

However, too often, we fall into the temptation to post great content, spark up conversations, and increase followers with no return on investment.

This isn’t a good move.

Let’s take a look at how social media can turn social media conversations into actionable sales leads.

  1. Analyze each of your social channels

If you’d like to make smarter connections and turn friends and followers into leads and sales, you should understand which social channel supports your efforts.

Start by evaluating the information that you have readily accessible on each social media platform.

Some of the questions to be answered include:

  • Which of your social media channel has the most followers?

  • Which of those social channels has been the most successful in engaging your audience?

  • Which one has provided the most sales leads for your business?

  • What does your audience say about your social media business?

  • What does your audience say about social media in general, and how does it apply to your business?

  • While it’s essential to investigate your social profiles, it’s also essential to look at others in your industry and your niche.

  • What are the meaningful discussions going on, and how do they contribute to your business strategy?

Using this information, you can concentrate on the most relevant social media platforms, change your content strategy, and build posts that help the strategy.

  1. Define and Understand Your Audience

If you want to use social media efficiently and genuinely talk to your customers, you need to know and understand your audience. In marketing, customer personas are used to define and understand your typical customer or target customer.

Essentially, it means creating a sample customer and using that person to determine exactly what the customers want. In the sense of social media, you can use people to create content that is important to them and eventually generate sales leads.

  1. Give attention to your Social Media Efforts.

Now that you understand which of your social media is serving your business, and you have defined your audience, thus it’s time to streamline your efforts.

You have to discipline yourself to focus, except you have a team that helps you manage your social media channels. It is not best practice in business to have a presence on ten websites only to have them sit and go stale.

You’re going to need to focus on 2-3 sites and work on them. Once you’ve been successful, expand to other sites. And don’t worry about what’s most popular or “business top social media sites.”

You could also use audience analytics to help determine which social media network you want to extend to.

  1. Understand the platform thoroughly

Now that you have fully understood the platform that works best for you, it’s time for you to learn how to use each of the platforms properly.

With the information that you have garnered, you can now build a strategy around certain content. However, refuse the urge to use the same content on each social platform.

For example, what might work for your Twitter page, may not work for your Facebook page. Likewise, your LinkedIn post will not work on your Instagram page.

In summary, your content will have the same focus, but different strategies should be employed.

  1. Promote and Make Sales

Wishing that social media will automatically drive customers to your website or your web store is just wishful thinking. Instead, what you should do is to convince your followers to make a purchase.

Exclusive offers and sales can achieve it.

Use Facebook, for example, to create audience-exclusive coupons. It’s easy to offer discount coupons that you’re only revealing to fans on your Facebook page.

Customers love to feel special, and Facebook lets you do that for them. The customers would significantly appreciate exclusive deals for page followers that are not available to the public. This can increase the number of followers you have, but it could also help turn those who “like” your post into actual buyers.

  1. Envision beyond your Business

To build a brand that consumers can want to return to – and, in effect, think about while they shop – it’s a good idea to look at your content. For example, you can sometimes use Facebook to connect to posts that are important to your audience’s interests, and not just connect to your business page.

On Twitter, you can share inspirational quotes or ask your followers questions about hashtags like “What’s the biggest challenge for #commuters on your everyday journey?”. Twitter would also be a way for people to get news, create tweets using hot popular culture topics, or post content with influencers relevant to your business.


Sometimes it can be time-consuming to use social media to market and promote your business. However, over the long haul, it can be gratifying. Spending quality time with your planned-out strategy before you take deep dive could create the kind of results you want.

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